I. Company History

During the last 20 years the company has been dedicated to the extraction and processing of wood from the Ucayalli region. The company is characterized by having:

- Current authorization from Inrena for the extraction of wood in 5500 Ha.

-Installed capacity over an area of 40,000 m2

- Heavy duty machinery for forestall extraction

-Fluvial transportation machinery

-Sewing and laminating machinery

Currently they only offer services as a result of contractual debts with banks
Slowly they are paying back their debt but they are not allowed to export directly due to the risk of having funds directed in their name because they can be taken away in form of payment. In the past they have exported directly, but at the present time they have a reactivation project basing the direct exportation of wood floors to the US were there is a confirmed growing demand for these products.

II. Objective

Financing for the 1'100,000.00 US dollars.To export Hardwood

Flooring .

III. Strategy

As warranty or collateral we have properties in Peru, free of mortgage or compromise, valued on 652,464.00 US dollars.

Availability to enter contracts and associations as a consequence of this objective

USA Peru Trade will be in charge of locating potential investors in the external market.