¿How do you feel about your smile ?

Your smile plays a lot of important roles. It's an introduction, an invitation and a way to express how you feel. It says so much about you. A beautiful, confident smile spells success and can lead to many opportunities in both your personal and professional life.

Nine out of ten people feel an attractive smile is an important asset. Yet, the majority of people are unhappy with some aspect of their smile. Modern cosmetic dentistry offers many options and we can provide them at a unbelievable price. You will receive the best dentistry available and save 50% or more in the cost.

Your Cosmetic Dental Treatment Choices are:
- Cosmetic Bonding involves applying a synthetic tooth colored compound to your teeth to build or cosmetically sculpt them into a desirable shape.
- Crowns are permanent custom designed shells that cover the entire tooth to protect a weakened tooth or improve tooth appearance. Porcelain crowns are tinted to match the color of existing teeth.
- Natural color fillings are tinted to match natural teeth and often are used to fill cavities on tooth surfaces or to replace old fillings.
- A Permanent Bridge is a non removable dental restoration that replaces a missing tooth.
- Implants are used to replace a missing tooth by surgically positioning a metal post under the gum and attaching a custom crown to fill in the space.
- Veneers are tooth colored laminates or shells custom fitted to cover the front surface of your natural teeth to provide better color, texture or shape.
- Whitening or Bleaching is a process that involves the application of a solution or gel to lighten teeth, giving them a brighter appearance.
You deserve the best the world has to offer, and a bright, beautiful smile is definitely within your reach. Please contact as with any questions you have about these procedures or about your general oral health and cosmetic options. We are here to help!
Cosmetic Dental Procedures
- Full mouth cleaning.
- Laser teeth whitening.
Using a laser with a whitening gel, this is an in-office bleaching process that takes less than 1 hour with superb results! The translucent bleaching gel is applied to the teeth and a laser light is used to activate the crystals to absorb the energy from the light and penetrate the teeth enamel to increase the lightening effect on the teeth. One visit is usually all it takes for a bright smile.
Porcelain crowns and bridges

A crown, also called a cap, is a custom-made porcelain restoration that repairs and strengthens a tooth that has fractured, has a large cavity, has an old filling that has failed, or has had root canal therapy. If you a space from a missing tooth, a bridge can be custom made to fill in the space with a false tooth. The false tooth is attached by the bridge to the two other teeth around the space - bridging them together.

Porcelain veneers
Porcelain veneers are a simple way to quickly change the shape, color, length or width of your

teeth. They can be used to change the overall appearance of your smile or used on one or two teeth to correct a specific cosmetic problem.

Root canals
There are tiny canals within your tooth that may become infected. This leads to the pulp inside your tooth becoming infected as well. A root canal is performed to clean out and fill the tooth. Afterwards, the tooth receives either a filling or a crown.
Composite fillings (bonding)
The dental bonding procedure utilizes a composite resin and is used for a variety of structural as well as cosmetic purposes. One can draw a parallel between dental bonding materials and a sculptor's clay. By using dental composite resin bonding your dentist can restore chipped or broken teeth, fill in gaps and reshape or recolor your smile.

Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth typically made out of an acrylic resin which at times incorporate porcelain or metal for additional structural support. There are two main types of dentures. Both Complete Dentures and Partial Dentures are finely crafted, custom-fitted. If you properly maintain your dentures they will appear natural and provide a perfect smile. Additionally, dentures help strengthen muscles controlling your expressions that require the support of your teeth, rid you of pronunciation problems caused by missing teeth and aid with chewing.

Dental Implants
Dental implants are fixtures of titanium which are surgically screwed into your jaw bone. The implant is an anchor for a naturally-appearing false tooth or a set of false teeth. The success rate of dental implants depends on where the implants are placed and their purpose. They are typically best placed in the front portion of your lower jaw. Implants are great for replacing missing teeth. It is important that you have enough bone in the area of the missing teeth for the implants to be attached to. Implants are not only used to replace one tooth, but rather people missing most, if not all, of their teeth benefit greatly as well. Implants are increasingly being used to replace certain types of bridges and removable partial dentures